Best Back Stretch!

By Matthew Cockrum

If you have ever had any lower back problems then please keep reading and take this technique into consideration. This technique has helped me with my many lower back issues.

I had many Thai massages from when I was in Thighland or Thailand.  After my third or fourth Thai massage I could really tell a difference in the pain and stiffness in the mornings. So I started doing some of their stretches every morning and every night before going to bed. I still have pain but it’s a lot less. In addition, when the extreme pain does come it’s not as intense and doesn’t last as long.

Thai massage was a great experience but the best part for me was the lower back stretch. I want to share this information with my readers and all my clients.  Less pain means a better and happier YOU!  Additionally, I also experienced this technique when I was in physical therapy.  But it wasn’t until I experienced it with connection to Thai massage that I added it to my daily routine.


1.  Start by lying face up on the ground or in bed.

2.  Put your hands up at shoulder height like you are making a T with your body.

3.  Bring your leg up in the air like you are making an L with your legs but knees slightly bent.

4.  Take your leg slowly across your body. Trying to touch the ground with your foot, you should feel a stretch in you lower back and hips. Try to keep your hips and shoulders on the ground as much as possible.  Bring your foot back up to the L position.

5.  Take your leg back down to the normal laying position and then do the same thing with the other foot. When doing this stretch make sure to go slow and don’t over stretch, if it hurts stop doing it.


Try this technique and tell me what you experienced.


Matthew is a certified in Thai Massage.  If you’d like to experience Thai Massage please contact Matthew Cockrum at 918 290 9707

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