Best Back Stretch!

By Matthew Cockrum

If you have ever had any lower back problems then please keep reading and take this technique into consideration. This technique has helped me with my many lower back issues.

I had many Thai massages from when I was in Thighland or Thailand.  After my third or fourth Thai massage I could really tell a difference in the pain and stiffness in the mornings. So I started doing some of their stretches every morning and every night before going to bed. I still have pain but it’s a lot less. In addition, when the extreme pain does come it’s not as intense and doesn’t last as long.

Thai massage was a great experience but the best part for me was the lower back stretch. I want to share this information with my readers and all my clients.  Less pain means a better and happier YOU!  Additionally, I also experienced this technique when I was in physical therapy.  But it wasn’t until I experienced it with connection to Thai massage that I added it to my daily routine.


1.  Start by lying face up on the ground or in bed.

2.  Put your hands up at shoulder height like you are making a T with your body.

3.  Bring your leg up in the air like you are making an L with your legs but knees slightly bent.

4.  Take your leg slowly across your body. Trying to touch the ground with your foot, you should feel a stretch in you lower back and hips. Try to keep your hips and shoulders on the ground as much as possible.  Bring your foot back up to the L position.

5.  Take your leg back down to the normal laying position and then do the same thing with the other foot. When doing this stretch make sure to go slow and don’t over stretch, if it hurts stop doing it.


Try this technique and tell me what you experienced.


Matthew is a certified in Thai Massage.  If you’d like to experience Thai Massage please contact Matthew Cockrum at 918 290 9707

27 thoughts on “Best Back Stretch!”

  1. This seems to be so easy to do as an self therapy to help anyone’s lower back issues. thanks for sharing, I know several people that this technique can help.

  2. I love stretching!!! I also am a huge fan of Thai massage!! This stretch is very simple yet very effective! love it!

  3. This is a great stretch for the lower back! The best part about it is that it is quick and easy to do! I love this stretch, sinking into it just feels amazing!

  4. I have been in sports most of my life, so these stretches are common for me to do. Now that I’m not as active as I once was 10 years ago I have noticed that they aren’t as easy to do as they once were. I do no that its better for my body to keep trying n to keep pushing myself to be more limber, and flexable.

  5. I love these different stretches. I stretch every night and i tend to have a perfect back and be more flexible with my stretches.

  6. I love reading about different stretches we can perform on our bodies. As massage therapists it is extremely important for us to take good care of our bodies for ourselves as well as our careers.

  7. I have siatic problems. This sounds like it would be a great technique for me to try. So right before I go to bed tonight I will be trying it. Hopefully this helps. Great article.

  8. I have tried these particular stretches, each time I do, I pay for it for days. For some reason that movement where my fusion was feels impossible. I go in to spasms, then am down for days. Can’t figure out why this happens. If you have any Ideas, I’m all ears.
    Vicki Schaffner, LMT

    1. I would say the your body is responding to the stretch as if it was new trauma. It is rejecting the stretch because it thinks it is bad. Try a less aggressive version of the stretch while applying moist heat. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds minimum. Do the other side. Rest for a few minutes and repeat. Don’t intend to put the leg all the way over but just go to the point of resistance and stop. Hope you try this adaptation and let us know what happens.

  9. The exercise described here in this blog article I have used several times. I use it mostly for sciatica pain,it is a movement that my massage therapist in Georgia recommended to me a few months ago. I found that it really helps to stretch those muscles and greatly reduces the pain.

  10. I love this stretch! Everytime I do this, it makes my back feel so much more open, flexible, and relaxed. I do this when I’ve been sitting for a long time.

  11. I love stretching and enjoy doing it often. I feel a huge relief from it! I will take this and go with it. Thank you Matt.

  12. Matt great job on your blog. It was clear and easy to follow. Its just to bad that you did not stretch before you worked out. Those are very good stretches. Thanks

  13. Awesome!! I just did this stretch last night and it totally helped with my back, not a clue what I did to it but ouch!! Thanks for the blog and keep em’ coming 🙂

  14. Great blog Matthew. This is a great stretch. I am wanting to get certified in Thai. Any information on where I can go that is affordable and good hands on would be great. Keep the good info coming.
    Misty Barker, LMT