12 Reasons You Need to Drink More Water

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I know, drinking water is boring, however, if you don’t get enough water moving through your system the consequences are huge.  You don’t believe me? Well, here are a few benefits of drinking water:

  1. Water is a source of energy. Not getting enough water causes the body to become tired and fatigued
  2. Without enough water your blood becomes thicker causing high blood pressure
  3. Water lubricates joints, hydrating the body and reducing muscle cramping and strains.
  4. Water helps cleanse the body of toxins by maintaining intestinal regularity.
  5. Water aids the kidneys in flushing out what the body does not need without undue stress on them.
  6. Drinking water fights off illness by boosting the immune system.
  7. Water relieves headaches; those that just come on or the one’s that come on after a night on the town!
  8. Being hydrated improves concentration.
  9. Water helps you exercise by fueling your muscles.
  10.  Water hydrates the body reducing winkles and giving a radiant look to the skin.
  11. Drinking water before a meal helps reduce the appetite and assists in weight loss.
  12. And lastly water just plain ol’ helps a person feel good!

So how much water is enough to hydrate your body? The rule of thumb these days is divide your body weight in half and that is how many ounces you need to drink (i.e. if you’re 100 pounds you would need to drink 50 oz. of water).

Start adding water to your daily routine in increments of 10 to 20 ounces. (Coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks don’t count.)

Have fun with it. Remember this’ll make you feel good!

8 thoughts on “12 Reasons You Need to Drink More Water”

  1. Water does a body good. I have a hard time drinking it because pop is so tasty. However, I do know that it is good for you, so I had flavors to the water to drink more. Hope that works:)

  2. I know I don’t drink enough water. Some days I will and others I won’t drink any at all. I guess I need to get drinking

  3. As an endurance athlete I drink water all the time. On the bike I have an alarm set to go off every five minutes during the summer to remind me to drink water. I pick up my water intake a week to two weeks before an event because our hydration level takes time to build.

  4. I try and drink a lot of water probably not as much as I should be, but I realised how easily I get de hydrated when giving a massage and this sure is making me want to drink more water.

  5. Benefits of drinking water should be known and apply in our lives which is an essential part of the human life. Research showed that optimal hydration reduces the risk of stroke, manages diabetes and guard against many kinds of cancers.

    Want to know more about benefits of drinking water or Advantageous Impact of Water over the Human health? Please read our full article…

  6. My husband and I are thinking about hiring a water delivery service so that we don’t have to go out and buy bottled water and we will be more likely to drink it if delivered right to our door. You make a great point that drinking water is important for fighting off illness because it strengthens your immune system. Also, the fact that it provides energy is a huge benefit because my husband and I are always looking for ways to improve our energy level.

  7. I never knew that water can actually help fuel your muscles! My brother really likes to work out, and he told me that he wants to try and increase his muscle mass around his biceps. I will be sure to tell him that he should try to drink more water to give his biceps the fuel that they need!

  8. I wanted to thank you for explaining why it could be good to drink water. I’m glad that you mentioned that being hydrated can actually help improve concentration. it seems important to try to carry water on you often so you can drink every now and then, especially at work.