How To Relieve Hip Pain at Home

How many of you suffer from hip pain? I know I do. A lot of the time, I have to put a pillow under my hips to create temporary relief. How about an easy self-treatment that will create lasting relief in the hips, lower back, and buttocks? Read on.

Pain in the hip often leads to or contributes to pain in the back.  Think of it this way, all of your back muscles need something to support them, that’s where your hips come into play. What happens if your hips become twisted and angry? It will translate that twisting right up your back causing all sorts of pain, discomfort, and possible displacement of the spinal column. For this reason, whenever a massage client asks for help with their back pain, the prudent massage therapist ALWAYS massages their hips as well.


One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to lay on the floor with a foam roller or a tennis ball under your hips.

Roll around until you find a tender spot. Sit there for a few minutes until you feel a release in tension. Feel free to add motion by moving your leg up and down and all around! I use a foam roller whenever I can, it’s painful at first but the effects it has on the body after I’m finished makes the momentary pain worth it!

Watch the above video to see these techniques in action! Try foam rolling or the tennis ball techniques and comment with what you think!

By Heather Russell & Ross Ashcraft

6 thoughts on “How To Relieve Hip Pain at Home”

  1. I use a foam roller quite often. I have also tried the tennis ball but prefer the foam roller. I use a foam roller with a plastic core so it doesn’t have as much give as the tennis ball or standard foam rollers making the therapy go deeper into the muscles.

  2. The foam roller seems like it would hurt less cause it would cover more area but the tennis ball would be more accessible for most people. I actually just recommended this to someone I’ll have to show them this!

  3. I was first introduced to foam rolling in this massage therapy class and really enjoyed it! While rolling on my quads and hamstrings, I found places I had never known we’re tender spots! Foam rolling has really helped a lot and this article is really great.