Advertising and Chapped Lips


By Sharon Truelove

How many of you have received a free tube of lip balm from a place of business?

Use the various season’s maladies to your advantage to advertise. What if we could help others and increase our own cash flow?!!!


Presently, we are in the cold, dry air of winter and it can cause lips to become chapped. Purchasing lip balm promotional products can help get your name out to the public by simply having the product imprinted with your business name and logo. Not only will they think of you each time they use it, it’s a great reminder to rebook. You may also get referrals via family and friends seeing your name imprinted on the chapstick.

newsletter template

Another way to advertise is by newsletter articles. With today’s technology, printed literature sent home with your client serves a similar service. It educates your client, helps remind them of your services and can help with rebooking.


This is information you can share with your client in a newsletter article educating them about prevention and healing chapped lips.

cold weather

Winter’s cold, dry air is notorious for causing dry, chapped lips. If left untreated, lips can become cracked, painful and unattractive.


Following are tips to help prevent chapped lips as well as in aid in healing already chapped lips.

  • water n veggiesStay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces each day. For instance, let’s say body weight is 160 pounds. This would equal 80 ounces of water to drink each day.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to help balance pH.


Healing Damaged Lips:

If lips are already chapped, use these tips to heal. Exfoliating before bedtime allows your body to heal as you sleep.

  • Gently remove any dead skin.
  • Use a warm wash cloth and gently rub over the lips.
  • A soft bristled toothbrush may be used to gently rub from the corner of the lips and toward the middle.
  • Probably the most pleasant way to exfoliate is by using a mixture of 1 tsp of olive oil and enough brown sugar to make a paste. Apply this to the lips and scrub off as much dead skin as is possible. Rinse off with water.
  • When finished PAT dry. DO NOT rub.
  • Apply a generous coat of lip balm and leave on overnight.



















To avoid chapped lips in the future: Hydrate, avoid licking your lips throughout the day and use lip balm often.

Send your client home with a chap stick that is imprinted with your business name and educational literature; who knows, you just might establish a repeat customer!


Please, tell us what other promotional products might you be able to use to advertise your services?


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31 thoughts on “Advertising and Chapped Lips”

  1. Excellent article Sharon

    “The man who quits advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.” Thomas Jefferson

    Lip Balm is one of many ways to create good will as a give away or even as an added value product with your advertising on it that is for sale.
    If you would like some help and creative ideas on marketing with promotional products check out our web site or give us a call at 918.582.3668

  2. I liked this article. It made me see the amazing things you can do with your business to bring in more clients as well as said how you can heal your chapped lips this was a very helpful tip as well as a learning experience definantly something Iam gonna have to do in the future to expand my business.

  3. I like the chapped lips tips, I will try to use them, I do know that if I don’t drink enough water my lips chap more often. We could make those eye covers you talked about in your last blog or essential oil perhaps. Maybe drinking bottles of water now you have me thinking.

  4. Thanks for the info. These are great tips. I often get chapped lips so lip balm is a must to have on hand. And I appreciate the instructions of how to exfoliate your lips!

  5. This is a great idea. I always have chap stick with me everywhere I go. There are marketing/advertising opportunities everywhere.

  6. Oh goodness, my daughter had chapping half way down to her chin when she was younger. She wouldn’t stop licking those lips! These are great treatments. I would think maybe a nice plush washcloth with your business logo on it could remind people of your services!? The newsletter article idea is great. I take my daughter to a chiropractor weekly, and he has a weekly paper/articles he prints out, so I have something new each week to read about!

  7. I never really noticed until reading this article that many business do you chap stick to promote themselves which is a very good idea. Me, personally i ALWAYS have a carmex tube with me. Constantly rubbing it on my lips to keep my lips from drying out. But this is some great information to keep in mind, thanks!!

  8. Lip balm sounds like an effective advertising route, especially when the wintery wind gets to wippin round these parts. I’m grabbing for anything to smear on my lips. An all natural product would be my first choice. I heard that some lip balm products can actually dry out lips even more and takes away your skins natural skin barrier. So, you have to keep using it over n over. If you could purchase a popular all natural product featuring my company name and their logo it might add that subcontious brand trust for the customer.

  9. I like this idea!!! I love Chapstick’s, if I’ll ever get a Chapstick from any business, especially the one that works very good, I’ll refer a lot of people to that business just so they’ll get that kind of Chapstick. I started to notice that these days it’s so hard to find a Chapstick that will moisturize your lips and not make them worse than they were from beginning,

  10. Great article!! Besides the factors that are involved in maintaining healthy lips this was also a exciting way to promote yourself by handing out lip balm.

  11. I have always loved getting free sample from places such as spas and cosmetic places. For a massage therapist we could give free sample such as a cream or oil. I have never struggled with chapped lips but these are great ways to prevent and get rid of them.

  12. i myself prefer coconut oil and brown sugar for my lip scrub:) i also prefer pens over chapstick! some people are skeptical about those promotional chapsticks because the majority of them dont have ingredients listed. but everyone needs pens and pens also get stolen alot so getting passed on to other people is a good way of exposure.

  13. Thank You for sharing this article, I always have chapped lips. I hate using Chapstick but I got a free sample from Clary Sage and I love it, it smells good it has a tingle to it. I think giving free samples of things specially with your company name and number helps get your name out there. It’s a could way to build up your client tell.

  14. I am really bad about using Chapstick in the winter when my lips get chapped. However, I have been using the clary sage lip balm that I was given. Every time I use it I really do think about the business and how well of a marketing tool that is. I know people that use a tube of Chapstick a week and that would definitely help remind people to rebook!

  15. I myself always prefer getting chapstick over an advertising pen so I would say it is effective marketing!!

  16. There are some natural remedies for lip balm and there are somethings in lip balm that are not good for your mouth The chap stick from clery sage seems to be good

  17. I am a Chapstick fanatic. I have tubes of it everywhere! I really thought that the article was a great idea. Very clever to use a simple object to advertise.

  18. This chap stick idea is fantastic, and I didn’t know that olive oil and brown sugar was a good lip exfoliator. I would also use pens. My church has promotional pens that just have their name and number on them, they have three different colors of pens. And when I went to a restaurant in town the waiter brought the receipt to sign, with a life church pen. The thing was they must of had it at the registrar with the other pens or in the back because the waiter didn’t have that on him earlier.

  19. That is a really neat idea for the exfoliating rub; brown sugar and olive oil sounds delicious.

    Also the tip about fruits and vegetables for pH balance is interesting. I have been eating more of those this winter and thinking back I almost never got chapped lips.

    Also, drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is very good too.

  20. I’ve never thought about that before bout using lip balm to help market. It’s super simple yet very effective to market your business. I’ll have to think outside the box now and think of some different marketing techniques! Great tip!!

  21. I love this one because I personally have this thing where I have to try a new chap stick every time I buy a new one. I have right now called cake batter and it is heavenly. When i was on the medicine accutane it dyed my body from the inside out and my mouth paid the ultimate toll. Every morning when I woke up I would have to put on some type of moisturizer before I opened my mouth because the coiners would split open. Thats when I started my chap stick thing.

  22. Aaaaand now I’m back to using Chapstick…. Tho I can’t make a promise I’ll be drinking water. I have found out thru this class tho I do have a crazy lymph issue in my right arm… I’ll keep these tips in mind. Maybe it can get rid of it

  23. This is a great way to advertise and not be pushy about it. When I receive advertisement either via email or mail it just ends in the trash, but just handing something so simple as lip balm can come in handy for the client and the business. It is a great reminder. Any product that you can put a logo and will come in handy in a day to day vases is great.

  24. This is a great blog. The most personally beneficial one I’ve read yet! I would have never thought of that as a way to market myself. It’s a great idea. I also have the hardest time with chapped lips myself. This blog killed two birds with one stone. Thanks Mrs.Sharron. I’ll be sure to do something like this in the future to advertise myself for sure.