Yard by yard, it’s hard; Inch by inch, it’s a cinch! Part 1

By Laura Gordon

A new year suggests to all of us a new beginning – a chance to start afresh. I believe that’s how New Year Resolutions got its foothold in our consciousness. Our desire to improve some part, or many parts, of our lives coupled with the first of a New Year and Voila! the chase is on!

The chase to be bigger (or smaller), better, stronger, happier, healthier, and wealthier! Sadly after only two weeks into the year about 50% of us drop out because we are not in condition. Well, one good reason is because it’s not in a chase, it’s a long distance run. It means learning new habits. Habits take time. In fact it has been documented that it takes 21 to 30 days for a repeated activity to become a habit.

If you are truly keen to do, be and have more, and haven’t been given some key elements in reaching your goals, I will share with you in two parts what I have learned about getting in condition for the long run from my own experience and from listening to up lifting and knowledgeable speakers.


You will need two supplies: a pen, and a journal – lined or unlined and as fancy as leather bound or as humble as a composition tablet. You will be writing down your goals on the first few pages and using the rest of the pages to journal your journey! This is for your eyes only so there’s no need to worry that you can’t write. Getting over judging yourself is a big step and here’s one you can take now. You have things to say about what you want in your life; writing them down gives you a chance to really formulate what they are. It’s an important step.


We are where we are right now from all our life experiences that brought us to this moment. Take some time to think back on what happened over the last year that brought joy into your life. Take this time to reflectivecontemplate what was most important to you such as experiences, lessons learned, and/or a relationship deepened. Knowing what is important to you begins to align your life with your inherent values, your integrity, the still quiet voice within.  Consider the challenges, insights and growth you gained from it that has made you a better person. Take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments and to be thankful and grateful for them.

Let me ask, are you one of those people who feels that life just happens to you willy-nilly? True for you or not, in next week’s blog we will be selecting topic goals so you can to see you have choices, and how you can fine tune the process of choosing the direction you want to go in your life. You are in this for the long run. It’s of great benefit to be a co-creator with Source on where you’re going!

NOTEPAD & PENCILTake a moment and briefly share with us a challenge, a joy, or a lesson you learned last year.

43 thoughts on “Yard by yard, it’s hard; Inch by inch, it’s a cinch! Part 1”

  1. This was a really interesting subject about new years resolutions also it was a cool fact on the habits part of the blog i didnt know it takes 21 to 30 days before something becomes a habit.

  2. Habits are hard to break, I am so proud of my Grandma she quit smoking when I was five years old; she is now in her eighties and has not touched a cigarette.She had a powerful motivator, my grandfather promised to pay all her green fees if she quit smoking, golf was more important to her than nicotine; my advise find what motivates you to stop doing something.

  3. This last year to most people would seem to be such a huge challenge for me if you were on the outside looking in. But what I have found out that in the trials that I have had and the journey I’ve been on in the last few years has brought me to a place where I am starting to understand what it is exactly that is the most important to me and my priorities are all changing for the better. Knowing what it is that makes me the happiest I figured out that it is only me that can allow people to steal my joy and I am choosing to be happy. I am surrounding myself by positive people and making better choices and I am really happy. Plus I’m about to graduate!!!!!

  4. I do agree with this most of us do try to handle more then we can just give up but it is the strong ones that can make it and get what they want in this life.

    1. Just like exercising every day for a little bit makes our bodies strong so does exercising our focus of attention on our goals and taking small, daily action steps toward them draws them to us. You can do whatever you set your mind to.

  5. When I learned what this week was going to be about, I cringed. Computer and Creativity-two areas I feel very weak in-ugh! However, I believe we are supposed to be very creative beings. We are either too busy or too complacent in life if we cannot or do not take the time to be creative. This article is wisely titled because STEPS is exactly what it takes!

  6. I have learned in the last year that life can be taken away from you in a heart beat. We shouldn’t take life for granted. We need to slow down and enjoy life and spend time with your loved ones.

  7. In the past year, I have suffered some really hard times. Althought, I choose to see the good in all things. I am a very blessed woman and never take that for granted! I have two small children who love me unconditionally! I choose to spend time with them as much as possible! There is nothing like the love of a young child!

  8. Hey bro after reading your stuff here, I think you’re going to be a great chiropractor someday. BTW do you have any idea about professional massage therapy in tacoma? Cause I need one. Anyway thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts about being a chiropractor students good-luck to your career.

  9. This past year I have learned just how much I can take on to bend but not break. I am currently working towards breaking some old habits and forming some newer, healthier ones.

  10. Each year brings change and opportunity to grow and learn from our experiences in the process of the changes that occur – it all really does come down to perspective and attitude.
    Great comments!

  11. This was a great article. Personally, I never had a hard time making a commitment to my goals. Especially a new years resolutions commitment. A few years ago I created my own “good” habits to follow and so far it has lead me to success on where I want to be in life.

  12. i try not to get to crazy with my new years goals, i actually start smaller and once i knock out the small goals ill work on a larger more diffficult goal. if i feel like i accomplish something it motivates me to move on to something bigger, so far it has been working out!

  13. I really enjoyed reading this! its really important to take the time to stop and reflect on what really matters in your life. one really unique idea that a recently heard about and want to try this year is putting a jar out and filling it through out the year with notes on all the good things and blessings that come to you. At the end of the year you can open it and reflect back on all the things that made you the happiest 🙂

  14. Last year I learned that getting back into the habit of going to school wasn’t all that hard. I have had some tough days but in the end it is definitely worth it!

    1. You are a wonderful student. I’m so glad you proved to yourself you could do it! You are going to make an awesome massage therapist!

  15. Interesting that it takes 21 consecutive days to form a new habit.

    I have been trying to keep up with my goals for this new year, and I think writing them down might help me remember and focus on them.

  16. My joy for last year was that I celebrated my 10th anaversary with a wonderful man and we got to go to Branson.

  17. I have learned to stop worrying about things so much and take things one step at a time. I like the journaling idea because it lets you express everything you are thinking and have it right in front of your face. It helps relieve stress.

  18. This year will be the first year that i haven’t been in the military in 5 years. so getting my life reorganized is a great way for me to start over on a lot of things or to even revamp my ways of life and living. I’m going to try to write out my thoughts and feelings to REALLY reflect on the what is going on in my world.

  19. Writing things down helps solidify them in your mind. And you can start to focus on certain aspects better, and declutter your mind. Also, It will add growth to your thinking, and your thinking processes.

  20. I have a few bad habits that ive been working toward breaking, so over the past year ive grown and learned from some experience and working toward a betrter me

  21. habits are so hard to break. i used to bite my nails and it was so hard to break that but i did and i am really proud of myself.

    1. Yes, habits that are not so good for us are hard to break. Congratulations on breaking such a big one. Now you know you can do it so it’s a matter now of going from one victory to another!

  22. I have a bad habit of popping my knuckles, my goal is to stop it! I’ve had this habit for the longest time, I will be so proud of my self when I’ll break this habit

  23. i always saw a goal as something you want, not something you need to get accustomed to. Like if i wanted to start a business, ***** ill do it. or if i really wanted to quit smoking , then id throw that pack right into the trash and call it a lifetime. I don’t believe in goals you have to remember or that you have to write down. Because if you forget about it then it wasn’t that important in the first place. A goal needs to be something you want to do, something that your on tuned to. its true, not all goals are easy, and some you have to struggle with. But if its something your struggling with, and its hard because back in your head you dont want to do it….well then its not a real goal, its something you want to do to spend your time

    1. Good points. Interesting approach. Sometimes it comes down to what price am I willing to pay for what I want to do, what I need to do, what I’m willing to do and, finally, what I decide to do in the end. For some setting out steps to achieve a desired result can best be done methodically such as goal setting for others not so much. Comes down to personal style and focus of attention.

  24. It was neat to learn about the habits I have heard of that any habit is hard to break ex specially food I eat unhealthy and I try to eat healthy but it is so hard to but I can’t give up trying though very awesome topic.

  25. It takes time to develop a habit I was not aware it toke up 31 days. It is a good idea to write down your goals in paper that way they are not forgotten. As time passes you can always add or improve them.

  26. This blog was really helpful, even reading it far into January. Forming new habits is really hard. Especially the ones that are supposed to be better for you. These tips to creating a clear and focused conscious are very helpful though, as well as the time period you should give yourself to really create a new habit. I’ll be sure to try these helpful hints out.

  27. I loved this blog and I needed to read this! I have been trying to stop smoking and I have been doing so well. I tried cold turkey for two weeks and I almost lost it. I am on my way to the 30 day mark as of now and if I do that I am going to reward myself. Pray for me!! Ill need it

  28. Forming new habits and getting rid of old ones is a hard task to achieve but if you take little steps and believe I yourself you can do anything.

  29. Wow I love the blog and it sure hit home for me. I have started a journal but not carried it through as I should have. Last year I was very close to a serious break down, my husband was in Afghanistan for the whole year and away from home for longer, I missed my family back home and was ready to give up. This year I decided it was time to give ME a chance and I am working on that now and enjoying this new journey.