By Laura Gordon

Believe it or not, energy work has been done since man came into being. Whether carefully rubbing a pumped head or gently holding a new born baby in lovingly arms, people of all walks of life have experienced energy work. It has only been in the last century that Eastern awareness of energy work has come into the awareness of Western thought.

Reiki is one such Eastern form of energy work. Rei is interpreted as “God’s Wisdom or the Universal Mind” and Ki is “life force energy”. Reiki has come to mean “Spiritually guided Life Force Energy” and looked upon by all who experience it, offer it, and teach it as a natural and safe form of spiritual healing and self-improvement.

The healing power of Reiki has become so well documented that it is included in many medical and recovery fields such as cancer treatment centers, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and pain management offices to name a few.

Reiki comes to us from Japan. It was in 1922 that Mikao Usui developed the first hands on Reiki technique which was called in his time Usui System of Healing.

A student of Mr Usui, Dr Hayashi, further developed Usiu System of Healing and over the years added and further developed Reiki into the style much like is used today.

Reiki was brought to the USA by Hawayo Takata. She received her training from Dr. Hayashi in Japan and returned to Hawaii, her native home, and began teaching it in the 1970’s. Much of what Reiki is today came from her teaching.

Today it is taught around the world and has become the most familiar, if not the most popular, of all energy work. The work can be performed on oneself, one’s friends, family and clients as well as animals, and plants.

I hope this brief introduction has opened the door of possibilities for you in expanding your awareness and knowledge of this work.

Self Treatment:

The following images show two of the positions used in Reiki.  You can attempt this on yourself or on a partner

1.)  Find a comfortable position to relax.

2.)  Place your hands in these positions until you feel them warm up or you get a feeling of  “done.”

3.)  Move to the next position.

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