Yoga for the lazy.

Just imagine all the benefits of yoga and massage coupled together without any real effort on your part! Too good to be true? Nope! Try a Thai Massage. Thai massage is often called lazy man’s yoga, and for good reason.  It was developed in the modern country of Thailand with many influences from China, India, and Southeast Asia.  It is traditionally believed that its forms where designed by Buddha’s physician over 2,500 years ago.  Thai massage is one of the most relaxing and convenient ways to improve a person’s range of motion, flexibility, immune system function and overall health by clearing out toxins, as the lymphatic system is stimulated. It also improves posture, body tone, blood flow, breathing and lowers blood pressure. As a massage therapist, it is a great modality to learn as you can use it to help improve your clients’ general wellness.

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Thai massage is performed on the floor on a comfortable mat or on a low table. A session of Thai massage traditionally starts at the feet and moves towards the head. It combines physical (range of motion, stretches -similar to yoga- and compression techniques) and energetic massage therapy techniques that follow sen lines throughout the body. Following these lines helps to balance and revitalize the body’s energy. The client is fully dressed in loose clothing so they are comfortable and able to move into the many positions that occur during a session.

If you decide to book a thai massage, let us know how it went. If you decide to travel all the way to Thailand ask for a nuat phaen thai and trust that we all wish we could go with you, or try it our closer to home at Spa Lux or Ban Thai of Massage By Thip Moreno.

What do you think of Thai Massage? Would you ever book this style of massage?  We LOVE to hear from you.

By: Maximilian Haver & Ross Ashcraft

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