Are you Discombobulated?

By Laura Gordon

Ever have a day or part of a day when you felt loosely wrapped, out of step with things….discombobulated? We all experience something like that at one time or another. It creeps up on us, but it doesn’t take long to recognize it once we’re in the middle of it.

Or perhaps we simply need to take a moment to refocus ourselves and sweep away any fuzziness or blocks we might have so that we can take that test, go into that important meeting, and, for us Massage Therapists, prepare for that next massage.


People do this in many ways. What I’m about to share with you is a wonderful, as well as powerful, practice, and well worth your time to develop.

Grounding yourself brings your attention into the present moment and sanctifies it in a quiet and subtitle way. As you bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment with “the now” you are preparing space for others, specifically your client, to enter into an atmosphere of enfoldment and healing.

There are numerous grounding exercises. Here is one that I like to use:
Find a wall with no obstacles so you to stand with your heels, back, and head to it. If you cannot find a wall, sit in a chair with your back straight; head up with ears over the shoulder; hands in your lap; and both of your feet on the floor. Either one is best done without shoes, if possible.

Close your eyes and imagine energy in your feet going down directly below you into the earth.
Now add some visualization. This will engage your imagination. Take a deep breath in and imagine a luminescent beam of light from above flowing down into the crown of your head and out through your feet like a river flowing deep into the earth’s core.

Hold the breath for few seconds then as you release the breath imagine the earth’s response coming up through your feet, though the crown of your head, and being released into the universe above the earth’s atmosphere.

Hold the out breath for several seconds.
Feel the void or stillness in the out breath.

Do this several times until you sense balance and completion.  It is now time to move on into the next moment in your preparation for the day.  But now you are better prepared for life and its challenges.


An alternative would be to run home to take an Epson salt bath.  Salt is a wonderful restorative grounding elixir.


Please take time to practice this exercise and describe your experience to us.

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