Winter Moisturizing and Reflexology Hand Care

By Laura Gordon

With the cold winds and fringed temperatures of winter coming soon it can mean chapped, cracked, stiff, painful hands for many. This is a good time to learn or review and get into the practice of self hand massage. Since it doesn’t take much time, money or effort, it can be done in a quiet moment like while you are watching your favorite TV program!
Supplies: massage lotion, cream, gel or oil
1. Apply lotion into the palm of one hand (no more than the width of a dime)
2. Begin rubbing your hands distributing the massage lotion on both sides of the hands and along the fingers.
3. Now return to the palm of one hand and using circular motions massage the heel of your hand from base of thumb to the outer edge.
4. Encircle the wrist with your fingers and palm and apply pressure. It should feel comforting. Use your thumb to make small circular motion around the carpels as the base of the palm.
5. Return to the palm and work around the base of the thumb. Using your thumb and forefinger massage from the web of the thumb and forefinger along the muscle at the base of the thumb (the Thenar Emminence) to the wrist and back. These helps relax and release the tension of that muscle – particularly helpful for massage therapists.
6. Next with circular motion massage the muscles and joints at the base of each finger.
7. Be sure to gently work between the metacarpals on the back of the hand.
8. Lastly using your thumb and forefinger twist, stretch and squeeze each finger starting with the thumb and work toward the pinky finger. Be sure to work around the nail and tips of the each finger to prevent painful cracking of the cuticles.
9. Repeat the same procedure on the other hand. Finish by shaking your hands out for few seconds.
You will not only enjoy the hand massage you will also be working on reflexology points. Health issues this mild, relaxing therapy improves: Digestive Disorders, Arthritis, Tension Headaches, Stress, Stress Related Conditions, Constipation, Sports Injuries, Digestive Problems, Back Pain and PMS.

Follow this technique and let know us your initial impression.  Or try it right before you sleep and tell us how wonderful your hands felt in the morning.

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