Drain My Face, Please

By Ross Ashcraft

Sometimes we wake up feeling puffy.  Sometimes we feel bloated.  Sometimes we just feel… icky.  We don’t think we are sick but we just don’t “feel right.”  What about pressure in your head or behind your ears or eyes?  Have you ever felt warm but didn’t have a fever?  These feelings are a mystery to us and we just have to cope with the uncomfortable sensations.  I have a simple routine that helps drain the fluid out of your head and gets it back where it belongs.

The system in distress is the Lymphatic System.  Lymphatic Drainage Massage can create balance in the system and increase the drainage of fluid back into the blood stream. 

So, what are we draining?

Metabolic Wastes:  waste material from your cells; unnecessary tissue that is hanging around; environmental and medical toxins; or stagnant fluid

Proteins:  water follows certain proteins like a puppy.  If we move the proteins away then the fluid follows.  This can be one of the main causes when people feel like they are “retaining water.”

Fat:  The Lymphatic System removes many of the fat content in our bodies.  If this system gets blocked or sluggish then the fat can hang around where it’s not wanted.

Additionally it also:

Stimulates the Immune System:  This type of massage can directly stimulate the body’s immune system and help it fight disease more productively.

Stimulates the Parasympathetic System:  This is your relaxation system.  This dials you down!

Helps Reduce Pain:  It helps block some of the receptors that cause acute and possibly even chronic pain.

Helps Reduce Muscle Spasms:  It removes the fluid that could be causing your muscle to clench and tighten.

Technique:  All these techniques involve a specific amount of pressure.  Place a dime on your skin….that is the amount pressure you should be applying through the technique below.

1)  Clear the Clavicle/Collar Bone:  Place all your fingers above the Collar Bone and gently sweep in towards your heart 5x’s.

2)  Neck Chain:  Place your fingers on the both sides of your neck and gently do circles that pull the skin down toward your feet 5x’s.  *In two places:  Starting near the clavicles and ending just under the ears.

3)  Submandibular Chain:  Place your fingertips in the soft tissue under the jaw right below the ear.  Twist your fingers toward the ear 5x’s.  *In three places:  Starting near the ear and ending below the mouth.  Give extra attention to the space behind the ear.

4)  Mouth:  Place the pads of your fingers below the lower lip and gently do circles that pull the skin down towards your feet 5x’s.  *Repeat this in two more positions:  just to the side of the mouth and just above the upper lip.

5)  Nose:  Place the pads of your fingers just to the side of the nostrils and gently do circles that pull the skin down toward your feet 5x’s.  *Repeat this in two more positions:  just to the side of the bridge of the nose and right below the inside edge of the eye.  The stroke under the edge of the eye is toward the nose and not the feet.

6)  Cheeks:  Place the pads of your fingers just in front of the ears on the face and gently do circles that pull the skin down toward your ears 5x’s..  *Repeat this in two more positions:  just below the cheek bones and on the temples.

7)  Forehead:  Place your fingers on your forehead and gently stretch down toward your ears 5x’s..

8)  Eyebrows:  Gently pinch your eyebrows at the edge closes to the ears and pull towards your ears 5x’s.  *Repeat this in two more positions along the eyebrows, moving closer to the nose.

9)  Eyelid:  Place all your fingertips just below the eye and stretch toward the ears 5x’s.

10)  Crown of Head:  Gently place your hands on the top of your hair. Compressing only hair gently pull from center down towards your ears 5x’s.

 For maximum results to this routing 2 more times and drink extra water.  As you can see from this last image the results can be dramatic.

 Try this routine on two separate occasions.  Let us know how your body responds!

Thanks to Tammy Dickeson for consulting on this blog.  Tammy is a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist and alumnus of Community Care College & the Chikly Health Institute.  If you wish more information or want to schedula an appointment call (918) 720-3864.  If you wish more education in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy contact the Chikly Health Institute at 800-233-5880 x1323.


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