How To Get Your Dream Job | The Interview Questions

The most intimidating part of any interview is the actual interview. You know, the questions. But it doesn’t have to be so scary. Take a look at these tips to be sure you nail your interview.

Be Prepared for the Most Common Questions

For example one question I can guarantee anyone hiring a massage therapist will ask, is “Why did you get into Massage Therapy” or “Why did you choose Massage as your profession?” or something along those lines. Let me just come out with it, WE ALREADY KNOW YOU LIKE TO HELP PEOPLE! Giving the simple answer “I like to help people” is overused and blatantly obvious; you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like helping people. As employers, we want to hear more.

Ask Questions

When the interview is concluding the interviewer is going to ask you if you have any questions, you know you do, so ask them! Don’t be afraid to ask anything and everything you want to know that was not covered in the interview. After all, you’re going to be employed here; you need to know everything there is to know.

Thank Them

After your interview concludes, thank your interviewer for his or her time and tell them you look forward to hearing from them! Being persistent is not a bad thing at all, just don’t overdo it, if they told you they would be in contact in the next few days and it’s been a week, give them a call to check the status, but try not to blow them up with calls and e-mails every day, the hiring decision takes time, respect that.

Practice Your Skills

For massage therapists there is often a second interview or a technical interview, this is where you actually give someone a massage, so they can assess your skills. This is just what you have been doing; just proceed to give them the best massage they have ever experienced!

Finding a job is a fun and exciting experience, enjoy it and show the world how talented you are! Everything we have covered here are tips and tricks to help you out, but always be yourself and who you truly are. They are hiring YOU, not your perception.

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