Paraffin Wax Treatment

By Melanie French

Overused Muscles? Arthritis?  Bursitis?  Fibrosis?  Tendonitis?  Stiff Joints? Fibromyalgia? Psoriasis? Inflammation? Eczema? Sports Injuries?

Do any of these apply to you and your health? If so you might want to try a Paraffin Bath Treatment. Paraffin Therapy can be traced back to the Roman Empire where they melted paraffin wax and spread it on wounds to accelerate the healing process. During in World War I, the British used it to treat orthopedic disorders in military hospital. Not only does it help the healing process but it also sooths muscles and joint pain, moisturizes skin, open pores, and increases blood flow. If you have hypertension, diabetes, or varicose veins, it is not recommended for you to receive a Paraffin Bath Treatment.

The best way to use Paraffin Treatment is called Spot Treatment. This is where you focus on one specific area and pinpoint the area of treatment. When doing this you will need to start by warming up and melting the paraffin wax. You never want to put anything on your client that you wouldn’t put on yourself so try it on yourself first to make sure you are not going to burn your client. Then relax the body part that is going to be treated. Slowly emerge it into the warm wax. Do this a couple of times so you will have layers of wax built up. If you cannot dip the area in the wax or have a client that is unable due to pain, you can also brush it on with a brush. Then you want to allow it to harden.  Once wax is hardened and the treatment is complete, peel of the wax and begin to massage, exercise and stretch the area.


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