Paraffin Wax Treatment

By Melanie French

Overused Muscles? Arthritis?  Bursitis?  Fibrosis?  Tendonitis?  Stiff Joints? Fibromyalgia? Psoriasis? Inflammation? Eczema? Sports Injuries?

Do any of these apply to you and your health? If so you might want to try a Paraffin Bath Treatment. Paraffin Therapy can be traced back to the Roman Empire where they melted paraffin wax and spread it on wounds to accelerate the healing process. During in World War I, the British used it to treat orthopedic disorders in military hospital. Not only does it help the healing process but it also sooths muscles and joint pain, moisturizes skin, open pores, and increases blood flow. If you have hypertension, diabetes, or varicose veins, it is not recommended for you to receive a Paraffin Bath Treatment.

The best way to use Paraffin Treatment is called Spot Treatment. This is where you focus on one specific area and pinpoint the area of treatment. When doing this you will need to start by warming up and melting the paraffin wax. You never want to put anything on your client that you wouldn’t put on yourself so try it on yourself first to make sure you are not going to burn your client. Then relax the body part that is going to be treated. Slowly emerge it into the warm wax. Do this a couple of times so you will have layers of wax built up. If you cannot dip the area in the wax or have a client that is unable due to pain, you can also brush it on with a brush. Then you want to allow it to harden.  Once wax is hardened and the treatment is complete, peel of the wax and begin to massage, exercise and stretch the area.


34 thoughts on “Paraffin Wax Treatment”

  1. oh hey that is awesome! I never new that it was used for healing injuries, I always though it was just for luxury. I will have to try it on my own tendonitis in my ankle. though I might have to paint it on. Thanks!!!

  2. Would love to do/have this done ! I love love love paraffin baths! I’m thinking about getting one for my practice! So looking forward to helping my clients as much as possible. So much to do!
    I have so many clients that would benefit from this type of treatment! My mother is one of them!
    Thank You Ross!

  3. This seems like a good treatment to use. I never really knew that this treatment was also for injuries and healing. I seems like fun and relaxing and I would like to try it out one day.

  4. This is pretty exciting! Not only does it actually have a use, medically, but it also sounds like a great way to pamper yourself, er..I mean client…
    I can only imagine (and I hope we get to actually find out this week) what this is going to feel like! I have splashed hot wax onto my arm and fingers before, and after the burning pain goes away my skin actually felt super smooth and soft! This would definitely be an extra to add in for those of us who are going to own our own businesses!

  5. I really liked it when we did this treatment on our hands in class. My hands felt really smooth afterwards! love, love, loved it.

  6. we did the paraffin wax in sharon’s and it felt wonderful. I was wondering if a person had vericose veins on their legs, could you still just do the feet? I haven’t tried that yet.

  7. This both feels strange but it also is very relaxing. I remember doing this when I was in Alpha with Sharon. I only did one hand and left the other the way it was, I felt such a huge difference between them. I recommend anyone who has not done this to try it, it is an experience you will not forget. Glad blog for a great treatment!

  8. I love getting paraffin treatments. Before this class, I never knew it was therapeutic also. I just thought it was for luxury to make the skin softer. The first time I was introduced to a paraffin treatment was during a manicure. The lady didn’t tell me what it was, she just said, dip your hand in here, please. So I did, and I was sold ever since. Especially now, knowing that it has so many uses for the body. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  9. I have always loved paraffin wax but never knew it could help with psoriasis. I can’t wait to do this as my psoriasis has been bothering me lately!

  10. We did the paraffin wrap in sharon’s class and it was wonderful. I was wondering if you could do paraffin on the feet even if you had vericose vein or just feet and hands on a diabetic?

  11. I had a paraffin treatment for the first time a couple of months ago. I went into a salon for a manicure and a paraffin treatment was part of the service. It feels awesome, especially the arm and hand massage that took place after the paraffin treatment.

  12. I have arthritis in my forearms and legs, and I also have psoriasis. I would live to try this treatment. I am always open for new ideas and this one sounds quite relaxing indeed. SO I can’t wait to try it.

  13. This is really neat! I knew paraffin was used for arthritis but I didn’t know it was used for so many other pathologies! This is really good to know and I’m definitely going to add it to my practice when I own my own business. Thanks for the great information!

  14. Paraffin baths are so comforting…I have used them on my hands, but never thought about their being helpful to soothe other body parts as well. Also never knew that this procedure accelerated healing. I am looking forward to our hot paraffin experience.

  15. I love to use my paraffin bath at home! I love how it leaves my hands soft! But I have never thought about using it in Massage Therapy! That is a great idea and I plan on using it. Can’t wait!

  16. This is great I thought the wax was just to make the skin soft but now that I think of it the heat can help.

  17. This is one of my favorite fun treatments! I enjoyed it when we did it in class and have had it done on my feet several times. It really is fantastic and I am curious to find ways to include this as part of a massage. Great blog!

  18. This treatment seems like something that would be fun and exciting to do, not only to myself but to client’s as well

  19. I’ve had this treatment done to me during one of my course at CCC. It was was fun invigorating and felt like I had a new pair of hands. I would like to implement this in one of my modalities when I get certified. I did not think that you could or should spread it over a client’s back at all or especially with a brush. Guess I will have to try it on somebody, when I get the proper equipment.

  20. Wax is one of my favorite treatments! I can’t wait until we start doing wax hands and feet in class. I know some people with arthritis that could benefit from this. I always like to look into natural healing as an alternative to pain pills and such.

  21. I would love to have a paraffin treatment. My feet are often sore, dry and rough . I bet this treatment would help to relieve me of this.

  22. I would absolutely trying something like this. I have tried wax on my hands before because they have a tendency of drying out and it felt so wonderful. I have never of this before and found it pretty fascinating.

  23. I really hope that we get to have Paraffin treatments in lab this week. I have used a wax bath once before and it made my skin so soft. I have never used it to relax muscles and work on tense areas though, so I would definitely like to try that.

  24. I have had wax used on me for sore ankles and it was amazing how well it worked. this is a good treatment that is relaxing and therapeutic.

  25. Paraffin wax has been around for a long time, had no idea what a healing effect it could have on someone. That is pretty cool can’t wait to try it today !!

  26. I have only had wax treatment done on my hands and feet at the nail salon. I thought that it was used as a skin treatment only that had no further effects on any deeper issue. I will be very interested to see and experience all that wax can do in lab.

  27. I have had wax treatments done on my feet while receiving a pedicure and hope to be able to do more and other body parts, while I learn how to preform them on my clients.

  28. Paraffin baths are the best…especially if you know someone, or have a client with arthritic joints. So soothing!