Bamboo Fusion

By Dapahne Lantroop

Bamboo massage therapy or bamboo fusion as some call it is the new form of massage therapy that is growing. A reason as to why is that it helps the massage therapist to offer a deep muscle massage a lot easier with the use of the bamboo. As a massage therapist this form of massage is something that interest me and I would like to learn it so that I may offer it in the local area.

This form of massage came about due to a lady named Nathalie Cecilia. She got the ideal of using the bamboo as tool one day when she was giving a massage to person that wanted a deep tissue, which was harder and deeper massage. She saw the bamboo stick in the corner and tried and the client liked it. Then she came up with different ways to incorporate the bamboo into her massages. She now travels the United States giving seminars on how to use the bamboo massage.

What makes bamboo such an interesting massage is that it helps too release the tension or fascial adhesions which will in turn help to restore and rebalance the body’s electromagnetic field. There are two properties that when giving a massage help to release the tension or fascial adhesions. They are piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity; piezoelectricity “is the ability of some materials to generate an electric potential in response to applied mechanical stress or pressure across the crystal lattice” and pyroelectricity “is the ability of certain materials to generate an electrical potential when heated or cooled.” Piezoelectricity is activated with pressure and pyroelectricity with heat. So with the bamboo sticks, the pressure that can be applied with heated sticks helps to release the tension.

The bamboo massage is a massage that can greatly help the therapist with clients that need a harder and deeper massage than the regular Thai massage. By hopefully learning this technique in the future, I will be able to offer this technique here in the area.

What do you think of Bamboo Fusion?  I’d also love to hear what is your favorite add modality to massage?

35 thoughts on “Bamboo Fusion”

  1. My friend Ian said he used bamboo sticks in his business and I didn’t know what he meant it so now I will have to find out what that feels like and what he’s talking about

  2. Oh my goodness! I would so love love love to get/give a bamboo massage. I believe i could REALLY get into this i want to know more about modality!

  3. I’m always a fan of hearing ways to maximize a client’s benefit while easing the work off of the therapist. The fact that it’s bamboo is all that much better!

  4. How amusing I was actually watching a video from Natallie Cecilia in trying to learn of bamboo therapy on my own time. I know of a massage therapist who practices it, who wouldn’t mind teaching me the basics of it. Good blog and how conveniently placed with my timing of me watching the video. Very interesting blog that shone some light on some terms that I didn’t know about though. So far from what I’ve seen of the multiple modalities, I would have to say that the ones that fascinate me the most are cupping(with fire and magnets) along with tuning fork therapy. Once I get more in depth with bamboo I might make this my third as well I don’t know I’ll have to see.

  5. This seams like a pretty interesting form of massage. I would really like to try it with heated bamboo. I believe that would feel pretty darn good.

  6. I think Bamboo fusion sounds interesting! It’s definitely something I would like to learn and give a try! Since I am a shorter person, I find it kind of difficult to really put pressure on the client enough to reach the deeper muscles, but with the extra help of bamboo it sounds like this would become much easier for me without so much physical exertion. I want to learn many different ways to incorporate tools into my massage, I want to reduce the amount of stress on my hands as well as my little T. Rex arms!! I also think it would just be kind of cool! I don’t really have any particular favorite modalities just yet, because I am still learning quite a bit. But I really enjoyed the week we did stone massage, and I can’t wait to learn other forms of massage as well.

  7. I’d never heard of bamboo fusion until now. It’s a good idea I think, especially for those client’s that want more pressure than we can give without hurting ourselves or compromising our bodies. Mind you, there are many ways to apply deep pressure with your hands, forearms, etc, but I can see how it could get tiring and maybe overwhelming if doing it too much. As far as my favorite modality to add in, it’d have to be both aromatherapy and hot stones.

  8. I am totally intrigued! We so need to try this in lab. I think that the key to longevity in this field is learning ways to give the deep, intense massages we all love, using techniques that both allow us to ration our energies and protect our bodies. Bring on the bamboo!

  9. I had a massage therapist use them on me in Hawaii. I guess I am a big baby because I thought they hurt me. I guess my fascia was not right…bad/weak, at the time. I would like to see them in use and it could have been they were using them incorrectly. Good blog, thanks for sharing.

  10. Vary interesting. I personally love using tools to do deep tissue because I don’t have a lot of body weight to be able to go real deep with. I would be vary interested in watching a demonstration by you in the near future or even just shadowing you for a massage to learn more about bamboo fusion.

  11. That is so awesome!!! and they would be great for muscle soreness using bamboo that is such a cool idea!!! I will have to try this and go to one of her seminars. That is really cool

  12. I would like to learn more about the bamboo method. I seems it would minimize the effort the therapist has to use. I would try this method myself

  13. This is a very interesting blog. The bamboo is something I would like to learn more about and use. I was wondering if using something other than the bamboo would have the same effect

  14. This looks really cool! I know doing deep tissue work really tires me out and maybe using bamboo it will save some of my strength and energy. Good job Natalie! Thinking outside the box. 😉

  15. This article is very interesting and I would really like to learn more about it. I am very fascinated and have always wanted to learn how use more materials in massage then just your hands. Using a bamboo is probably a nice way to feel relaxed and it would nice to use in one of your massage sessions.

  16. Very interesting article. This is the first time that I have ever heard of bamboo fusion. I would really like to try out this technique on someone, but i don’t think that I want it done on me.

  17. What a neat idea! So creative! I have never heard of bamboo massage, but it sounds really good. It also sounds like it’s also very helpful for the therapist. The bamboo does some of the work for you!

  18. I think using bamboo is a fabulous idea to reach deeper muscles for the client while preserving the hands and fingers from strain. I would definitely think about using this modality in my practice to help myself and my clients.

  19. This seems like an amazing idea! Even more so if you are going for a themed massage and or spa, It looks like it would feel amazing. Can’t wait to find a spa or a LMT that provides this treatment.

  20. I like the idea of adding tools into massages. I plan on being a massage therapist until I’m too old to handle it anymore. This is one modality that would help maximize my number of working years as well as be beneficial to my clients.

  21. Great blog! Using bamboo sound super interesting and like a neat way to try to better meet your clients needs without straining your own body. This is definitely something that I would love to have done. Thanks!

  22. When I first started reading this article I was wondering why bamboo sticks would be any different than using any other trigger point tool but at the end when it explains the electric current and that you can heat the bamboo sticks I understood how it would be better. I would like to try this sometime

  23. It definitely sounds like an interesting form of massage to try. I am not sure if i would want it done on me but I am definitely interested in trying it on other people.

    1. I tried this with three little rollers I had. Kinda of easy to use to much pressure. All in all not bad. Feels great on the calves.I tried this on the triceps and felt good as well

  24. Wow, loved to find out where this type of massage originated. Can definitely see where the bamboo stick would contribute to making the massage deeper and harder. Cannot wait to try these types of modalities

  25. I’m not sure how you would be able to accuratly gauge the pressure you’re applying but I’d love to try it out!

  26. Such a creative idea! I think the use of ANY tool that will save our hands and fingers is worth a try. Using bamboo keeps the natural feel of healing while providing a deeper pressure to the client. I would love to receive a massage using bamboo and then in turn, give one to someone else.

  27. I have heard of bamboo massage but have never done it or had it done to me. I would really like to experience it to see what I think.

  28. I think this looks totally awesome! I would love to have this done to me and then decide if I would use it in my own practice. It looks like it would definitely be less work for the therapist.

  29. The bamboo massage techniques that i have seen used really caught my attention. I believe that it is a technique that all massage therapist should explore, or at lease receive. I love to use different tools when I’m working on clients, bamboo will defiantly be added to my Christmas list

  30. I think using bamboo is a great idea i would have never thought to use this as a tool in massage. I believe this tool would be a sufficient way to take stress off the therapist as well as the client with taking pressure off the therapist hands, forarms, and back also allowing to add an adequate amount of pressure. I would definitly use this in my place of business or suggest at my place of work.