Who Doesn’t Love Hand Massage?

By Crystal Houston and Ross Ashcraft

Our hands take a lot of abuse. We use them for everything.  Massage therapist use them for almost every technique, and we are the worst taking the time to give back to them. There are countless ways that we can massage and pamper our most prized possessions.

One of the most common problems we face is muscle fatigue. Wikipedia defines muscle fatigue as the decline in ability of a muscle to generate force. It can be the result of vigorous exercise or over-use.

Another common problem is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Dictionary.com defines CTS as a condition characterized by pain and tingling in the fingers, caused by pressure on a nerve as it passes under the ligament situated across the front of the wrist.  Each of these problems can be addressed with the gentle application of consistent hand massage.

Here is a way to give a good hand massage, so grab a friend and follow along:


1.)  Start with the person’s dominant hand, since that hand probably worked harder during the day. Start by taking the hand gently into yours. You may use a bit of massage oil or moisturizing cream if you want a little more pliability with the skin.

2.)  Rub the top of their hand gently, covering all areas.

3.)  Turn the hand over and begin working the palm. Gently loosen it by placing your thumbs into the palm with your other fingers on the other side of the hand.

4.)  Gently press around all around the palm, and the thumb.

5.)  Shake the hand slightly to check its state of relaxation.

6.)  With circular motions start at the base of each finger and work your hand down the palm all the way to the wrist. Do this on the entire palm.

7.)  Use your thumb and fingers to massage with gentle circles from the base of the thumb to its tip.  Then start at the top of the thumb and begin rubbing back down with small circular movements.

8.)  Continue circular movements between the thumb and the index finger.

9.)  Now rub the webbing between each finger.

10.)  Turn the hand over and rub each knuckle

11.)  Gently stretch the each finger and squeeze each tip in turn.

12.)  Gently Stretch the whole hand as shown

13.)  Gently sandwich the hand between your fingers and slowly glide down to the finger tips and disconnect.

14.)  Repeat to the other hand.


Please tell us your favorite hand massage technique!!!






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