Lazy Man’s Yoga?

By Sharon Turelove

If you are looking for a very different, yet energetic massage experience; Thai massage just may be for you! It is like yoga being done to you instead of by you.

Thai massage is thought to have been created by Buddha’s own physician, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, over 2500 years ago. Thai massage was practiced for centuries by monks as Thai medicine and it developed to its present form from Ayurvedic  and Chinese influences. It appears to be a good mix of Ayurveda, Acupressure and Yoga.

 Cobra Pose

The therapist and client are interactive.  Thai uses gentle stretching and pressure on a mat on the floor. Thumbs, hands, knees, and feet are used to move and stimulate the energy lines or meridians located on the body.  Many who’ve received Thai massage report it to be both relaxing and stimulating and it is often referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga” because it uses yoga-like positions. A typical session may last two hours.

If you prefer a more relaxing, yet different massage, Swe-Thai massage may be more to your liking. Swe-Thai blends relaxing Swedish with Thai’s awesome stretches and may be done on a lowered massage table instead of on the floor. A typical Swe-Thai massage session may only be one and a half hours versus the two-hour sessions of Thai.

The goal of Thai massage is to free up muscle and joint tension which in turn reduces body stresses and enhances flexibility. It also stimulates the internal organs and helps balance body energy. Many clients of Thai massage report it to be a very enjoyable way to stay in shape.


Watch the videos and tell me which you would prefer to experience: Thai Massage or Swe-Thai massage.

If you have had a Thai massage, please report you experience.

Try all three of the poses below on someone and ask for feedback about what they liked and report.

 Spinal Twist

1. The spinal twist is a Thai massage pose that stretches the back on each side of the body. Plough pose

2. The plough pose is a Thai massage pose that stretches the neck and hamstrings.

Spinal Twist in Lying Position

3. The spinal twist in lying position is a Thai massage pose that stretches the back and iliotibial band.

A couple of spas that have Thai Massage available in Tulsa are Tulsa Southern Hills Marriott and Spa Lux.

The link directly below is for Thai Massage.

The following link is for Swe-Thai


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