Stretch before going to bed!?!?!

Tiger StretchBy Tatyana Andryushchenko

By the end of the day do you ever think “I’m done!  I cannot do this anymore.” That feeling that you’re about to fall apart, your feet are aching, your head is about to blow up.  Finally, the worst thing is, you can’t fall asleep, which only means you’ll feel even worse in the morning! So, what are you going to do to make yourself feel better? How about some stretches?

After sitting and staring at the computer all day long we all throw our head back and move it from side to side to let our neck stretch for a little while.  Sometimes we stretch in such unique ways, but we all do it because it feels good, doesn’t it? From just a five second stretch your body can  feel sooooo much better, so imagine how great your whole body will feel if you stretch it before you go to sleep? Stretching will literally help you rejuvenate from your stressful day while you sleep. You don’t even need any fancy stuff for it, just your body and the floor.

So let’s do this!!!

Tip: With each pose, breath in and out through your nose, this calms down your nervous system

Stretch 1Stretch 1
Stretch 1a1. Sit on the floor with a pillow in front of you. Bend your left knee, bringing the sole of left foot to right inner thigh, extend the other leg all the way to the back. Bring arms forward and relax it onto the pillow. Relax and hold for ten seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Stretch 2Stretch 2a2. Lie face up. Bend knees and bring them to your chest, with both of your hands grad the ankles from the inside edge of the feet. Pull your knees out to the sides and back in.  Now bring them closer to your shoulders and back in.

Stretch 3Stretch 3a3. Chris-cross your legs and sit on the floor, place your right hand on the floor for stability and lift your left hand over your head stretching the left side of the body, hold for about ten seconds and switch.


Stretch 4

Stretch 4a


4. Stand and slightly bend your knees, grab your elbows and bend down, relax, hold for about five seconds then drop your hands to the floor.


You’re done!!! That took…what… 5 minutes!  Now for sure you will get a better night’s sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning!!! You’re welcome!!!


‘Super 6’ Static Stretches


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17 thoughts on “Stretch before going to bed!?!?!”

  1. Thank you for this. I tried it before taking a nap and my body felt more relaxed. I didn’t have the tingling feeling when I woke up. This is the second technique I am adding to my daily schedule before bed.

  2. Great stretches I think it will be great to both strat and end the day with this. I may have to print it out in big letters and stick it to my wall, no excuses right!

  3. Stretching makes you feel so good that is the best thing I learned from my instructors. I tell all my clients to stretch before they go to bed. You get some pretty amazing results.

  4. It seems so simple, stretch before bed and you feel better….. Now all I have to do is remember to do it! I am going to try to do this every night a good nights sleep sounds amazing.

  5. What an easy way to help you get some rest and make you feel better. I’m going to try these stretches tonight to see if it makes a difference.

  6. I do agree that stretching before bed makes me feel SoOOoo much better whenever I wake up. My only problem is that I either forget to stretch or become too lazy as soon as I lay in bed. ( I def need to change that)

  7. Well, I can’t say I’ve been doing these stretches.. But I learned the hard way after week one of core how incredibly important it is to keep myself stretched/flexible. I will be printing this just so I can use it at home! lol

  8. I need to implement this immediately. I know flexibility and stretching is good for you…it’s just putting it into practice. These are few and short so I think it’s a reasonable start.

  9. I have found that when I stretch before bed it does help me feel more relaxed and sleep better through the night.

  10. I love these stretches. I do these daily. I can feel a big difference in my hip flexors and shoulders if I forget. i suggest these to some of my clients as well.