Yard by Yard, it’s Hard; Inch by Inch, it’s a Cinch! Part 2

In Part I we looked at resolutions as a matter of developing new habits; I asked you to get a journal; and I asked you to reflect over the last year’s important experiences, lessons  and/or a relationship deepened; then celebrate them all with gratitude and thankfulness.

This week we will be using that journal to begin the process of establishing and recording our goals.


Now it’s time to select topic goals that are meaningful to you. Here are some you could use or spring board from:

1. Personal Goals
2. Key Relationship Goals
3. Financial Goals
4. Spiritual Goals
5. Creative and Fun Goals
6. Business Goals
7. Travel Goals
8. Community Goals

Under each topic goal in your journal consider what it is you want to achieve over the next twelve months and write it down. I’m sure with a few moments of contemplation on each one you will find within yourself something you would like to achieve.

On a separate page for each topic write down what you want to accomplish in detail; break it down into achievable steps – after all, it’s a whole lot easier to climb the stairs one step at a time than try to leap up four at a time.

The fact is, when you break down each goal into small steps and keep a positive attitude you are developing skills that will take you where you want to go.

Keys to Success

1. Set aside time on a regular basis to review your goals under each topic and journal about the steps you are taking. Change your detailed steps if they are not working for you.

2. Write each goal as though you are already doing it (for example instead of “I want to eat better and lose weight” you could phrase it: “I am changing my diet and eating more healthy, nutritious foods while my extra pounds are slipping away.”).

3. Take a couple of minutes to resonate with what that accomplishment will feel like to you.

4. Look for pictures that give you the feeling of what it looks like to achieve your goal and paste them into your journal.

5. Record your victories and celebrate them!

Using these keys keeps your goals before you creating highly charged opportunities for manifesting them.

Congratulations, you are a long distance runner in training creating habits that will change your life!

Goals + Good Habits + Values = A Life Fulfilled

Your assignment is to give a very brief description what you would consider to be a community goal.


This two part blog was inspired by: Morter Health System speakers, Global Information Network speakers, and “The Secret” book and movie.


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