A Simple Gift Idea

By Laura Gordon

Looking for a healthy, quick, easy, inexpensive, yet luxury holiday gift to make and give to your female friends? I may have the answer for you: Bath Salts!

So out of all of that, “What makes bath salts healthy?” you may ask. Good question! Of the three minerals, Iron, Calcium and Magnesium, American’s, because of diet and agricultural practices, are lowest in Magnesium which is important in helping the body regulate enzymes, and plays a role in muscle control, nerve impulses, and release of toxins. A lack of Magnesium is a factor in heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis, stress related illnesses, and host of other health related problems. A salt bath is high in Magnesium and our skin, being the largest organ of the body that it is, will soak up the Magnesium to its heart’s content, so to speak. What a healthy gift this is!

Here’s the recipe:

8 Cups Sea Salt or Epsom Salt

Christmas Blend of Essential Oils:
4 drops Rosemary
7 drops of Orange
4 drops Nutmeg
2 drop Myrrh
If you don’t care so much for this Christmas Blend recipe, add your favorite blend of essential oils or a single essential oil such as lavender and continue on…
Stir all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and fill the assembled containers.
The following images are some “assembled container” ideas for you.




Just a hint here: Presentation, Presentation, Presentation. It’s the difference between “That’s nice” and “Wow! This is great!”


Look for unique jar shapes of fairly thick glass with tight lids.





After looking at this recipe, I know you, you’ll want to make your own.  Please tell us what essential oil, herb, or added ingredient would you add to make your BATH SALT GIFT unique!

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35 thoughts on “A Simple Gift Idea”

  1. What a good idea I did not realize bath salts were so important, can you use any type of sea salt what about Himalayan .

  2. I have heard that up to 80 percent of American’s are deficient in magnesium. If one is taking a calcium supplement, they should also be taking a magnesium supplement for optimal bio-availability. Just taking the calcium alone without the magnesium could either be wasteful of your calcium supplement without a 1/3- 1/2 equivalent ratio of magnesium or even detrimental to some. What better way of getting magnesium than soaking in it! I must say I have had my fill of magnesium today both by supplementation and bathing! This recipe looks fun! I have made a note to hang onto the recipe, to experiment with it, and hopefully surprise a few people with it for gifts in the future.

  3. what a great idea!, especially after studying aromatherapy. it would be fun to come up with personalized blends for people.They would also be a great addition to a gift bag with candles,loofahs and other personal spa accessories 🙂

  4. I would put lavender, tangerine, immuno power that way it will make you smell good and keep you healthy too. I love this idea plan on making some for family and friends.

  5. This is a cool idea, i don’t know about the essential oils. But maybe a promigranet cranberry scent. Does it matter how many baths you take in a week, or a month’s time?

  6. Bathing salts sound like a nice gift.

    I only have a shower, so I would need to borrow a bathtub to use these for me.

    I never tried a salt bath before, but I imagine it is really good for the skin.

  7. I haven’t ever thought of doing that before. That’s a great gift and it isn’t too expensive. Thanks

  8. These are some good ideas for some holiday gifts and things it was interesting to read this thanks for the info

  9. Aww how great! I’m definitely going to do this! I might use lavender, rosemary, grapefruit and eucalyptus!

  10. great ideas Laura! I would add some frankensince to mine and maybe peppermint, I think it would be fun to tell them the oils that you use and what they stand for! I like that it wouldn’t cost that much and you could make several of them!

  11. I love this! I do this all the time for myself but never thought about doing it as a gift! You just decided one of my gifts! I always make mine with rose or vanilla because I like the way they smell but I would be interested in see how the citrus or rosemary would smell!

  12. So glad this blog has inspired so many to consider making it for gift giving this holiday season. I really like and appreciate the suggestions of other essential oils combinations!

  13. Thats actually a pretty awesome idea. I might have to try this at the house for a gift. My mother is completely sold on bath salts and it would be really awesome to make one thats fine tuned to her individual needs

  14. This is an awesome idea for a Christmas gift, will definitely try this. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

  15. I am all about some do it yourself crafts and gifts. Bath salts seem like such a good idea on top of that! What better way to say Merry Christmas than something that promotes health as well as soothes the body. It’s the perfect present to make in bulk and to gift as a massage therapist. (because let’s be honest, you can’t give EVERYONE massage certificates.) but you can put your card with the neat little present. Which is a great way to market yourself!

  16. Thank You for the great blog, I want to try this on my family and friends as Christmas gifts this year I think they will enjoy it alot. I’m excited to try it

  17. I saw alot of these on pinterest lately! great ideas for cheap useful gifts. Idk about the bath salts though… I wouldn’t want anyone accidentally ingesting them, they might go crazy and eat a hobos face off like the incident in Florida.

  18. I really loved the idea of bath salts. I am already going to give foam rollers to everyone, so that will be a great idea to go with it. I think that I will try peppermint and decorate them with cute ribbon! Thanks for the idea.

  19. that sounds like an awesome idea! I’m going to try that and see how that goes and then possibly do that every year!

  20. I always saw on TV actors using bath salt never really did understand what the big deal about it was. But it seems like a good idea and personalizing it can make it even better.