The Heat is On!

By Amy Weldon and Ross Ashcraft

Do you have chronically sore muscles?

Everyone has experienced muscle soreness at some point in their lives.  One of the best remedies is heat.  When we use heat brings extra blood to the area, loosens
muscles, and can calm the nervous system.  Traditionally, we use electrical heating pads, microwaved rice bags, or heated blankets to add that extra heat.

When people tell me they use heating pads for their backs or shoulders, it makes me cringe.  They are pulling moisture and salts from their muscles and skin.  In the long term, this makes the problem worse. Heating pads are used the most often because they last a long time; and you don’t have to keep
reheating them like a rice bag.  I know some people who even sleep with them.  Please don’t do that!!!  It is a fire hazard and can burn the skin.

In my personal experience I have found that moist heat is the best for the whole body.  Moist heat is most commonly utilized through rice or bean bags.  But as anyone who has used them can tell you, they are not always practical or versatile.


From my research I have found a solution, a little something called a Thermotech moist heat pack.  They have all the convenience of an electric heating pad combined with rice bag and infrared technology. Simply plug in the pack to any outlet and let the Thermotech pull moisture from the surrounding air to heat and soothe tired achy muscles.  Finally no more trips to the microwave and no fire hazards.  The pads will turn off on their own after a certain amount of time. Here’s a YouTube video that shows how it works.

See my links below to some great prices.


I know the heat feels great, but if you have a seriously painful situation, let’s say something that caused you to say a few colorful sentences.  You need to stop and think before automatically applying heat.


1)  Torn muscles

The heat could make fibers of the muscle pull even further apart causing more damage. Heat causes the fibers to slip even further apart…which is why it feels relaxing.  But if you have already torn it apart should you want the fibers to move even further apart? No! If you think you have torn a muscle, contact a physician before applying heat.  When injured, ice is often the safer way to go.

2)  Heat is also contraindicated for diabetes, high blood pressure, and some skin infections or disorders.


In the past, when have you applied heat?  Did it help?  We’d love to hear your comment about your experience with the benefits and pitfalls of HEAT!


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